Cary-Grove High School offers over 40 clubs and activities to our students.  Each activity or club has a sponsor to help guide and lead students. Eighty-eight percent of the graduating class of 2020 say they participated in at least one extracurricular activity. Cary-Grove is proud of the students who expand their education beyond the classroom.

Auditorium Coordinator

Sponsor: Chris West


Sponsors: Marty Magnini
Patrick Whalen

Black Student Union

Sponsors: Shelley Fisher
Laura Mokry

Book Club

Sponsor: Andy Mack

CG Buddies

Sponsors: Emily Schnake
Tammy Jauch

Chess Team

Sponsors: Dori Chianakas
Matt Berg

Color Guard

Sponsor: Nicole Taylor

Comedy Club

Sponsor: Chad Neff

Connect Crew Mentors

Sponsors: Marty Magnini
Sharon Anderson

CVC Club

Sponsor: Mark Anderson

Fall Play

Sponsor: Laura Whalen


Sponsors: Ralph Schuetzle
Amanda Schuetzle

Fishing Club

Sponsor: Todd Huff

Freshman Class

Sponsor: Stephanie Sukow

Gay/Straight Alliance

Sponsors: Lara Vetta
Lindsey Swartz

History Club

Sponsors: Nora Huff
Katja Stonebraker

Interact Leadership

Sponsor: Jim Kelly

Jazz Band

Sponsor: Marty Magnini

Jazz Choir

Sponsor: Patrick Whalen

Jazz Combo

Sponsor: Patrick Whalen

Junior Class

Sponsors: Laura Jacobson
Ulrike Kieffaber

Latino Leadership Club

Sponsors: Lana Bachta
Linda Matthias

Math Team

Sponsors: Katie Bogda
Vandana Thakur


Sponsor: Rob Boncosky

National Honor Society

Sponsors: Karah Veldhoff
Vandana Thakur

Poetry Club

Sponsor: Sharlene Montgomery


Sponsors: Matt Hawley
Katie Hatters

Scholastic Bowl

Sponsors: Ellen Lada
Tammy Jauch

Science Olympiad

Sponsors: Andrew Wagner
Matt Rogers

Senior Class

Sponsors: Mindy Garis
Lori Meyer

Sophomore Class

Sponsor: Karah Veldhoff

Speech Team

Sponsor: Stephanie Sukow

Spring Play

Sponsor: Laura Whalen

Student Council

Sponsors: Andrew Mack
Emily Schnake

Swing Choir

Sponsor: Rob Boncosky

Trojan Times Newspaper

Sponsor: Devin Hester

WL French Club

Sponsor: Julie Johnson

WL German Club

Sponsor: Ulrike Kieffaber

WL Spanish Club

Sponsors: Lana Bachta
Kerri Faraj


Sponsors: Molly Bo-Hansen
Nikki Jonas

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Activities Director