Cary-Grove High School offers over 30 clubs and activities to our students.  Each activity or club has a sponsor to help guide and lead students. Eighty-eight percent of the graduating class of 2018 say they participated in at least one extracurricular activity. Cary-Grove is proud of the students who expand their education beyond the classroom.

Activity/Club Name Activity Type Primary Sponsor Sponsor Email Secondary Sponsor
Art Club Visual Arts Tim Kobos  
Auditorium Coordinator Other Chris West  
Band Music Marty Magnini Patrick Whalen
Black Student Union Community Shelley Fisher Laura Mokry
CG Buddies Other Tammy Jauch Emily Schnake
Chess Club Competition Dori Chianakas  
Choir Music Rob Boncosky Kristine Hester
Color Guard Visual Arts Nicole Taylor  
Comedy Club Performance Chad Neff  
Connect Crew Service Sharon Anderson Marty Magnini
CVC Club Social Mark Anderson  
Drama Club Drama Laura Whalen  
Fishing Club Competition Todd Huff  
French Club World Language Julie Johnson  
Freshman Class Leadership Stephanie Sukow  
German Club World Language Ulrike Kieffaber  
Girls Learns Service Sonya Wadlington  
GSA Community Lara Vetta Lindsey Swartz
History Club Scholastic Nora Huff Katja Stonebraker
Interact Club Service Jim Kelly  
Jazz Band Music Marty Magnini  
Jazz Choir Music Patrick Whalen  
Jazz Combo Music Patrick Whalen  
Junior Class Leadership Ulrike Kieffaber Laura Jacobson
Latino Leadership Club Leadership Lana Bachta Linda Matthias
Math Team Scholastic Vandana Thakur Katie Bogda
Musical Drama Rob Boncosky Kristine Hester
National Honor Society Scholastic Karah Veldhoff Vandana Thakur
Newspaper Scholastic Devin Hester  
Poetry Club Scholastic Sharlene Montgomery  
Robotics Competition Matt Hawley Katie Hatters
Scholastic Bowl Competition Ellen Lada Tammy Jauch
Science Olympiad Competition Andrew Wagner Phil Albamonte
Senior Class Leadership Mindy Garis Lori Meyer
Sophomore Class Leadership Karah Veldhoff  
Spanish Club World Language Becky Withers Jason Muench
Spark Service Courtney McKnight Stephanie Sukow
Speech Team Competition Stephanie Sukow Sarah Nowak
Student Council Leadership Andrew Mack Emily Schnake
Swing Choir Music Rob Boncosky  
Tech Crew Visual Arts Chris West  
WYSE Competition Josh Norten  
Yearbook Scholastic Lindsay DiLeo Wendy Guss


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