Cum Laude Graduate Program

The Cum Laude Graduate program is designed to honor students who continually challenge themselves through academics, school participation, maintaining good character, and community volunteerism. Students who meet or exceed the cum laude criteria will be honored at their graduation with a special cord and notation on their diploma.

Community Service Verification Form

Cum Laude Program Criteria

Class of 2024 

● Exhibits involvement in school-sanctioned activities: 2 year-long (approved/separate years) OR 3 seasonal. (Refer to list of approved activities)

● Demonstrates involvement in verified community service: minimum of 25 hours throughout high school career.

● Earns a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher at the end of 7 semesters.

● Follows athletic or activity code of conduct (no violations).

● Maintains good character/citizenship (no out-of-school suspensions).

● Demonstrates good school attendance. Minimum of 95% attendance rate during junior year and through spring break of senior year. Class for 2022 ONLY: Attendance will be based only on Senior year through spring break. 

● Completes at least ONE Advanced Placement or Capstone course. (Refer to below list of qualifying courses.)

● Maintains the following graduation requirements on time:

Grade Level                       Academic Credits
9th Grade                                            5
10th Grade                                         10
11th Grade                                         15
12th Grade                                      20.25

English: AP Lang; AP Lit: DC Composition II
Science: AP Bio; AP Chem; AP Physics 1; AP Physics C; AP Enviro; Honors Anatomy
Social Science: AP Euro; AP/DC US History; AP Econ; AP Human Geo
Music: A Cappella Choir; AP Music Theory; Band IV
Math: AP Calc AB; AP Calc BC; AP Comp Sci; DC Calculus; DC Prob/Stats
Business: VEI(H); Accounting 2; AP CS Principles; DC Marketing
Industrial Tech: Seminar Electronics; Seminar Metals; Seminar Autos; Seminar Woods; Architecture
Art: AP SDrawing; AP Art 2D; AP Photo; AP 3D Design
FACS: Preschool Lab/Intern; Advanced Culinary
COOP: Career Internship

Clubs and Organizations Sponsor
CG Buddies Tammy Jauch / Emily Schnake
Chess Matt Berg
Christian Fellowship Steve Vogelsberg
Color Guard Josie Eriksen
Comedy Club Chad Neff
Elevate Mindy Garis/Tim Garis
Fall Play Laura Whalen
French Club Julie Johnson
Freshman Class Theresa Shore
German Club Al Kremer / Ulrike Kieffaber
Interact Jim Kelly
Invest CG Tim Garis
Jazz Band Patrick Whalen
Jazz Choir Patrick Whalen
Jazz Combo Patrick Whalen
Junior Class Kathy Pourchot/Sam Calandriello
Latino Leadership Lana Bachta / Linda Matthias
Marching Band Patrick Whalen
Math Team Vandana Thakur / Katie Bogda
Mentors/Link Crew Sharon Anderson / Chad Neff
Musical Rob Boncosky
National Honor Society Vandana Thakur/Liz VandeMoortel
Newspaper Devin Hester
Robotics Katherine Hatters / Matt Hawley
Scholastic Bowl Ellen Lada / Tammy Jauch
Science Olympiad Andrew Wagner / Matt Rogers
Sophomore Class Theresa Miller
Spanish Club Miguel Rangel Garcia
Speech Hailey Kelly
Spring Play Laura Whalen
Student Council Molly Bo-Hansen/Hannah Martin
Swing Choir Rob Boncosky
Tech Crew Mike Schiestal
Trojan Voices Kris Hester
Writing Club Sharlene Montgomery
Yearbook Molly Bo-Hansen / Josie Eriksen

Cum Laude Program

Class of 2025 - 2027

● Exhibits involvement in school sanctioned activities: 3 year long (separate years) or 4 seasonal

● Demonstrates involvement in verified community service (minimum of 50 hours throughout high school career)

● Earns a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the end of 7 semesters

● Follows athletic or activity code of conduct (no violations)

● Maintains good character and citizenship (no in or out of school suspensions)

● Demonstrates good school attendance (minimum of 95% during junior AND senior year)

● Completes at least TWO Advanced Placement or Capstone course (refer to course list below) 

● Maintains the following graduation requirements on time:


              Grade Level                            Academic Credit
9th Grade                                           5 
10th Grade                                        10
11th Grade                                        15
12th Grade                                   20.25

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